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Reasons to Travel Abroad

Why you should take advantage of the world while you still can.


By Natalie Thomas – July 27, 2012

Here are a few reasons to travel abroad:

1) Culture:

By traveling you get to learn about different cultures first-hand. While you can always read a book about Thailand, there is something special about breathing in the stench of Durian fruit in person. Once you experience cultural differences firsthand, you can begin to understand where other people are coming from.

2) Adventure:

How could it not be fun to drag multiple bags through train stations?! You’re young and independent right now. Other than a significant other, you don’t really have any other people depending on you. So, why not pack up right now? The adventuring possibilities are endless. You can travel to Guatemala and work on a coffee farm, climb the Austrian Alps, cycle across India, or visit the ancient pyramids in Egypt.

3) Language:

Along with learning about a culture’s traditions and foods you can also immerse yourself in their language. Perhaps you studied French in school or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Swahili. This is your time to go learn it and use it!

4) Experiences:

Studies have shown that people would rather spend their money on experiences that create lasting memories than on material things. Wouldn’t you rather spend $100 to go cliff diving in Costa Rica or on medical supplies for village children than of on a new pair of sneakers to add to your growing Air Jordan collection? By choosing to spend that money on an experience of adventure or serving others, you will undoubtedly create a unique memory that can’t be rivaled by material souveneirs.

5) Looks Good On a Resume:

To add a more corporate twist to this list, remember that future employers love this kind of thing. Most employers view traveling as a great way to become more knowledgeable about world cultures. Traveling also shows them that you are a responsible and mature individual with an ability to quickly adapt to different situations.



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